Akrotiri Private Residence


The 2,000-square-metre Akrotiri terrace pans out amphitheatrically to stunning views of the caldera and the volcano. An experience easily drawing parallels between a sense of exultation and exaltation, depending on disposition. Its multi-tiered exterior is perfect for relaxing, relishing, and sharing unforgettable and on-the-spot moments with family and friends.


Soak up soul-healing Mediterranean light as you swim in a pool of Olympic proportions or enjoy cool drinks, laid back on cosy, fashionable sun loungers. Have a seafood barbecue, cooked on the rustic grill, and savour your lunch, alfresco, as you lounge by the pool or on the vast platform veranda.


The terrace, levelled with the villa and the veranda, is ideal for ceremonies and parties, while the sundry patios and lounge spaces, with a lavishly furnished alcove thrown in for good measure, beg for you to lose yourselves in unrivalled luxury, caressed by the soothing breeze.


The Swimming Pool

The bafflingly sizeable swimming pool is subtly integrated into its natural surroundings, as if bathing into the deep blue Aegean Sea; quite the illusion! Comfy sun loungers for sunbathing, a mini bar and BBQ, changing rooms, WCs and showers are available to sunbathers at the pool area.


Outdoor Dinning Table

The outdoor dining table, facing the blue waters of both pool and sea, provides that special touch to either breakfast (à-la-carte) or lunch, in a flood of warm sunlight, or, then again, a dinner, alfresco, brimmed with romantic overtones under the night sky awash with stars.


Luxury Gallore

Luxury galore in a place brimming with riches, both to see and to taste! Be it with friends or family, it’s only certain that its qualities, wonders and offerings will have a lasting impression, etched for ever on your heart… a paradise place that keeps you coming back for more!


Detailed Outdoor Amenities

  • Swimming Pool 58 sq. meters (May through October) - Unheated
  • Alfresco dining
  • Barbecue
  • Terrace
  • Parking
  • Sun loungers
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Sea, caldera and volcano views


A Secluded Paradise for the Senses