Akrotiri Private Residence


A secluded paradise for the senses, as –surrounded by the shimmering blue of the Aegean Sea– the rolling waves lull you to sleep as they lap on the rocky shore beneath, snug in the gentle embrace of the island breeze and the seagulls’ echoing chant, a music that travels you far away to a dream-like state of relaxation.

Akrotiri Private Residence mixes Santorini’s cultural legacy with contemporary luxury and comfort, in subtle harmony, providing large living spaces and enhanced privacy and security behind its grey stone wall fence. Measuring a soaring 4,500 square metres, its smartly designed, sizeable platform veranda, chic patios and stunning views make it an ideal pick for the wedding ceremony, wedding reception or party of a lifetime.

As unique a destination as the island of Santorini itself, the villa’s three vital elements: the surrounding whimsical landscape, lavishly minimal building and impeccable service, make for a treasured getaway from the daily grind. Guests, either here on holiday or having their wedding at the villa, are in for a truly unforgettable experience.

Akrotiri Private Residence. A place of emotions to be experienced.


Akrotiri Private Residence’s spacious layout plan allows for multiple and ample living spaces comprising five bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, double kitchens and double living rooms.


The 2,000-square-metre Akrotiri terrace pans out amphitheatrically to stunning views of the caldera and the volcano. An experience easily drawing parallels between a sense of exultation and exaltation, depending on disposition.



Akrotiri Private Residence, is located on the southern side of Santorini, atop the caldera at Akrotiri village, and balances uniquely between the notions of retreat and convenience as its most famous beaches are fairly nearby...

Caldera Beach, right in front of the villa; Red Beach, a mere 3-kilometre drive; Vichada Beach, at a stone’s throw no less!


A Secluded Paradise for the Sences