Akrotiri Private Residence


Life is all about experiences. Travelling abroad helps building up such priceless experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So why not combining your amazing holiday in Santorini with some of the most unique proposals we have available to you? We can help with organising and booking a number of them. Here is a sample of the experiences our concierge can offer:


Private, Exclusive Candlelight dinner

Ever dreamt of living out a romantic movie scene, playing the starring role? What about a Private, Exclusive Candlelight dinner… Just like in the movies. In an enchanting setting, amidst dazzling candlelight that casts playful shadows across white tablecloths and reflects on porcelain and silver cutlery to create a magical light show, under the moonlit sky, strewn with thousands of stars. Romantic, intimate, unforgettable.


Live Music

Enjoy live music off a distinguished band of musicians, playing just for you, your favourite tunes, and along with a drink and your best company, set the night on fire! Because, obviously, nothing can beat a live beat, it all begins with a fine sound system, turning electricity into vibrations, ample stage and lighting, a dance floor and lots of talent thrown in for good measure, all aiming to set your emotions alight! Fun to be had on demand, right at your feet!

Floral Service

Adorn your feelings towards the people you cherish in your life with imaginative and intriguing ideas by our intimate floral service, delivering beautiful bouquets and baskets with elegant compositions of assorted flowers. A touching nod to show appreciation, care and respect in any occasion that calls for romance, celebration or acknowledgement.


Private Limousine Tour

In case you wish to experience celebrity life, nothing comes closer than a private limousine tour. Get a luxury overdose of on-board bars and champagne crystal glasses. the glitz and the glitter, as you are sliding away on the leather seats of the absolute soundproof and air conditioned cabin, chauffeur’d across sights and hot spots, comfortably and in privacy! Ah, the Life!

Sailing tours, Cruises and Excursions

Indulge in one of our private & semi-private sailing tours, cruises and excursions. Enjoy our well-organised boat trips to wonderful destinations, either in private or in a group of, why not, future friends! We’ll take you around the island, show you hidden gems of places, some otherwise inaccessible, let yourself taste and experience up close the beauty of exotic scenery, local food and drink, kindhearted folk and stunning views, all to be priceless memories for the years to come, or a constant invitation to return and pick up from where you left off.


Helicopter Tour

Experience first hand a breathtaking view from above, live what has ever been man’s unrequited wish… to fly free like the birds in the sky. Our helicopter tour will take you across far and wide and show you the intricate mix of land and shore, the reflection of the sun translated into myriads of colours that dance on the stone and the white of the houses; the game of light and shadow as everyday life unfolds under your gaze. All this in the comfort and safety of our helicopter, piloted by skilled and seasoned staff that provide for a fine and smooth flight.

Photo Shooting Tours

A safari of a different kind! Armed, not with firearms but with cameras and lenses… The hunt for stunning scenery, bewildering nature, picturesque traditional settings and so much more at arm’s stretch! Invest in our photo shooting tours and guided by seasoned professionals collect precious memories that will shine forever, and, who knows…, maybe win an award while at it!

Water Skiing & Canoe

Imagine leaving behind the joy of walking across this beautiful land to jump on one of the most exciting experiences on water. That is water skiing in the deep blue waters all around this unique island! Or you could just take it easy on your calves and muscles and leisurely paddle these waters on a canoe.

Visiting a Museum

It is all about the modern world meeting the ancient one when you consider visiting a museum or even better an excavation site! Santorini is rich in history, ready to surprise you once you decide to learn more about its past. Let our experienced guides take you down through the centuries as they show you around; who knows, you might come to the conclusion that, sometimes, past and the present are not that different after all.

Massage Treatment

Just imagine the feeling of enjoying the most amazing massage treatment in the hands of a talented masseuse. What is better than winding down after an exciting day? In a room filled with fine essences, complementary sweets and drinks, the perfect temperature, and yourself lying on a comfortable massage bed. A greatly nourishing massage experience with a hint of Asian secret traditions on offer.

Yoga Classes

It’s all about finding the right balance! A blossoming community of yogis all around the world have discovered the right approach that fuses elements and integrates the proper connection between the universe and themselves. Start your journey into this movement or simply enhance your capacity. After all, it’s not about being the best but rather being at your best in these available yoga classes.

Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

They say that good things in life do not last… Well they are all wrong! With the right type of manicure and pedicure treatments your nails will look and feel fresh in a truly bespoke way. With experts devoted in enhancing how your hands and feet like to be treated. It is the small luxury moments in life that make the difference.

ATV or Car Rental

There is not a more exciting way to enjoy Santorini’s rolling countryside than on an ATV. Get off the beaten track with a rented vehicle and all you have to worry about is keeping your eye on the road, and soak in the amazing landscape unfurling all around you. You can visit secluded beaches while transporting yourself from everyday life’s monotony on an ATV or car rental available. Be the rider you always dreamt to be in the most scenic road network you could ever imagine!

Special Requests

Finally, it is not just the various experiences we can help you with. There are necessities too… Whether helping with the supply of your groceries, buying your shopping list and delivering them to you, or even organising a visit to a doctor or by a doctor, all you need to do is to just ask our experienced concierge. They know how to fulfill all the above as well as any possible special requests.


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